Alien Skate Club - Skate Ninja Program - Kids 6 to 12

  • Registration for October 2 - December 18

  • Montgomery Community Centre - 5003 16ave NW

  • Age 6-12 (younger/older, with great skating skills please inquire)

*The skate Ninja Program is for skaters who have an understanding of skating basics. Throughout the 12 week program, students will be introduced to a variety of different skating skills from dancing on roller skates to riding ramps, from hockey to figure skating, speed skating to slalom skating. Even competitive speed skaters or hockey players will leave the program as a better, more well rounded skater.

about: Alien Skate Club (ASC)

Alien Inline based out of Calgary Alberta, is one of the largest school skating programs in the world, teaching inline skate programs as part of physical education in schools across Western Canada.

I am Shaun Unwin master instructor with AIL and Sensei of the Alien Skate Club. The Skate Ninja Program exists to help inspire kids to embrace inline skating as a happy and healthy life skill.

Being part of a skate club can teach us so much about experiencing success and bouncing back from failure. We learn to take calculated risks and deal with the consequences. We learn to be an individual and a teammate. Valuable life lessons that kids miss out on when they quit traditions sport clubs and associations.

In contrast to many sports that promote early specialization the ASC Skate Ninja Program exists to introduce kids who love to skate to the many varieties of skating sports. The goal many traditional sporting organizations is to create elite athletes. Anyone who doesn’t fit the mold can be left out.

The goal of the Alien Skate Club is to create a fun and challenging environment where kids and teenagers can learn though play and become black belt Ninja Skaters.