Team Skate!

My friend Mike and I went for a sunny inline skate trip in our beautiful city. There is nothing like going for a great skate with a friend on a summer day. We made a stop to grab some smoothies and hit one of the best spot in Calgary with a great view of downtown. From there we went all the way to the center street bridge and let ourselves cruise all the way down to Chinatown. Man! what a great day. I love summer!

Pure Alberta Fun!

Pure Alberta FUN on inline skates Alberta is huge 360 degree skies. Summer nights that last forever. Hot sun and cold wind. Endless prairies and huge mountains. And of course...cows. Lots and lots of cows. I had the pleasure of spending summers as boy on mountain ranch land. In between catching frogs and jumping in rivers we flipped cow patties to find bugs or teed up golf balls off cow patties. And now I can proudly say I have use cow patties to catch some air on my rollerblades. Pure Alberta FUN. Thank you for supporting Shop Task


Tag Team

It was a cold and snowy day in Calgary but nothing could stop my old pal J Macht 500 and myself from going out for a fun team skate. I love making this style of video, flow skating with friends. It takes more time to plan and execute but there is no doubt that it is more fun skating with friends. Huge props to Alex Co for filming up not just one skater but two. Thank you for supporting Shop Task


Don't Worry, I Got It!

Don't worry. I got it. Rollerblading is fun. And I love to explore on my inline skates. Nothing better than scoping out a brand new building, getting there before it gets busy, while the concrete and asphalt are still fresh. Carving tight turns and enjoying the smooth surface. Feeling the rush of doing an old trick on a new obstacle. Thank you for watching. Thank you for supporting Shop Task


Preparing for SKI session on rollerblades

Preparing for SKI session on rollerblades I love to skate and ski. Both offer a great opportunity to enter the flow and enjoy a higher state of being...the unique feeling of floating above the ground transforms the space around you into more exciting and invigorating world. I am primarily an inline skater whom dabbles in skiing. I am lucky if I can get out more than a few times per year to the ski hill but in my mind I am constantly skiing. I often pretend that I am skiing when I am out skating. I imagine and try feel my movement as if I have skis on instead of inline skates. I can't wait to get out on the hill this winter. Thank you for supporting Shop Task


Experimenting with speed skates

I found speed skates so natural. The skating itself was a bit tricky but I could get by. It was a ton of fun. Years of skating on long rockered inline skate frames had prepared me for my eventual meeting with speed skates. The truth is I have wanted to go speed skating forever but I was too lazy to actually go.

And it was too easy. We have the best ice on earth right here in Calgary Alberta. The ice in the olympic oval is widely considered the fastest ice on earth. The combination of high altitude and low humidity result in a fantastic surface to skate on. The oval even has speed skates you can rent. AND there is tons of free skate time. The long rockered frame and completely flat bottom edge actually are a great set up for wizard skating style moves. Gazelles, 3 turns, spins all work great on speed skates. The one advantage the wheels on the wizard skates allow for the wheels to squish and rebound with moves creating a smoother transition.